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    Waterfront Centre
    Waterfront Centre

    Waterfront Centre

    International Waterfront Centre Port of Spain

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    The Port of Spain International Waterfront Centre is a construction project aimed at revitalising and transforming the waterfront of the capital-city Port of Spain located in Trinidad and Tobago. The project is a part of the overall Vision 2020, a government policy attempting to take Trinidad and Tobago to developed country status by 2020.

    Speyside Tobago Speyside Tobago

    Speyside Tobago

    Saint John Parish

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    Speyside is a village in northern Tobago within Saint John Parish. It lies on the leeward coast, across from the island of Little Tobago (for which it is a departure point), 26 km northeast of Scarborough, overlooking Tyrrel's Bay.

    Mount Saint Benedict

    The Abbey of Our Lady of Exile

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    Mount Saint Benedict Abbey, also known as The Abbey of Our Lady of Exile is a Benedictine monastery following the Order of Saint Benedict. This monastery is located in the Northwestern town of St....

    Pigeon Point

    Pigeon Point Heritage Park

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    Pigeon Point is also known as Pigeon Point Heritage Park (PPHP) and is often considered Tobago’s most beautiful beach and is home to the famous thatch-roofed jetty which has become an...

    Maracas Beach

    Home to the world famous Bake and Shark

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    About 40 minutes drive northeast from Port of Spain, Maracas Bay is one of Trinidad's most famous beaches. A deep bay protects this palm-fringed strip of golden sand, one of the most beautiful...

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