Trinidad and Tobago Tourism Regulatory and Licensing Authority (TTTRLA)

The Ministry of Tourism for and on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is seeking to establish a Trinidad and Tobago Tourism Regulatory and Licensing Authority (TTTRLA) which would:-

  • develop regulations to govern the tourism sector; having responsibility for quality and standards in all segments of the tourism and hospitality industry; and
  • have legal authority to create and enforce tourism sector regulations; addressing such matters as inspections, licensing, monitoring, tourism operator registration, classification and grading; and such externalities as visitor safety;

The TTTRLA initiative was galvanized by the deficit of mandatory sector regulations and the absence of any licensing authority to administer same, which has undermined the improvement of the standards and quality of the tourism product; factors which continue to negatively impact upon Trinidad and Tobago’s ability to attract new and repeat visitors and to increase visitor expenditure. 

In furtherance of its mandate, the Ministry of Tourism engaged consultancy services for the establishment of the TTTRLA. More specifically, a Consultant was retained to:

  1. prepare a Report which supports an appropriate model for the establishment of a TTTRLA the given the prevailing tourism industry and legislative landscape; AND
  2. prepare the necessary Bill(s) and any and all supportive legislative/legal documents to fully establish the TTTRLA in law. 

To-date, the Consultant has conducted two (2) major stakeholder consultations; one (1) in Trinidad and then one (1) Tobago; on the 1st and 5th December, 2017, respectively. At these consultations and in full recognition of the critical importance of stakeholder engagement and two-way dialogue to the law making process, stakeholders were informed that they would be given a full opportunity to provide their feedback/comments/input to the Draft TTTRLA Bill, 2017 which signals a tremendous and significant transition for the tourism sector. 

It is anticipated that this collaborative effort will best ensure that the TTTRLA and its concomitant legislative instruments are sufficiently robust, balanced and effective to significantly enhance our regional and international competitiveness.

The window for submission of comments to The Draft TTTRLA Bill has been extended and will now close at 3:15pm on 24th January, 2018 in accordance with the stipulated guidelines. Notwithstanding, the Draft TTTRLA Bill will be open for viewing on the Ministry's website until 31st January, 2018 and any revised versions of the Draft Bill will also be published onto the website. Stakeholders and the general public will also still be able to view their comments and those of their collegues/the general public until 31st January, 2018. We do look forward to your participation as your contribution is invaluable to this initiative for the development of the tourism sector of Trinidad and Tobago. The following links below are provided to assist you in your participation: 

Instructions to stakeholders

Trinidad and Tobago Tourism Regulatory and Licensing Authority (TTTRLA) Draft Bill, 2017

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