Tourism Baseline Survey

Given the Ministry’s mandate to develop Trinidad and Tobago's tourism industry to realize its full potential the primary responsibility therefore, with respect to the national economy, is to contribute significantly to the key priority areas of Economic Growth, Job Creation, Competitiveness and Innovation. In order to determine the overall performance of the tourism sector and the effect of Ministry policy and programmes, the identification and development of key tourism indicators relating to these areas is therefore critical.

The data currently used to inform decision making is obtained mainly from the CSO.

This data is sometimes outdated and limited in terms of quantity and specifics. As a result, the creation of guiding policies, which include marketing and programme development, is severely hampered.

The Ministry has identified the requirement for a comprehensive Tourism Baseline Survey to be undertaken to establish baseline data for specific tourism indicators and then to track changes in the Sector over time to assess the  impact of Tourism on the defined priority areas.

The Baseline Survey will collect data in the areas of tourism businesses, tourism employment and tourism income and the data collected will measure the industry’s existing situation as it relates to the national economic indicators.

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