Maracas Beach Facility

Maracas Beach is the most popular and most frequented beach in Trinidad both for locals and visitors. The drive to Maracas offers a most scenic and spectacular view which enthrals our residents and international guests. The beach itself offers an exciting experience with the top-off of a bake and shark leaving lasting and delightful memories in the minds of patrons. It is high on the list of “places to visit” and has particularly strong appeal for our cruise visitors. The overall objective for the Maracas Beach Facility Upgrade Project is to provide an environmentally sustainable, aesthetically pleasing, modern, safe, clean and effectively managed beach facility of international standard.

  • A sewer system and wastewater treatment plant with adequate capacity to handle the average user base at Maracas Beach
  • Improvement of drainage to deal with flooding issues within Car Park and in surrounding areas;
  • Improved public washrooms and change rooms 
  • Addressing public safety and pedestrian conflicts from crossing the North Coast Road through realignment of the North Coast Road to the southern limits of the Maracas car park
  • Addressing traffic congestion and traffic jams on the North Coast Road through the rerouting of the main Road, and proper management of parking. 
  • Streamlining and upgrade of the vendor booths along the southernmost portion of the beach
  • Construction of a boardwalk with provision for seating

This upgraded Beach Facility, as well as the associated infrastructure and improved utilities, will provide additional employment and a better quality of life for the North Coast communities, as well as a high quality beach experience for nationals and visitors. It will also contribute to increasing the visibility of Trinidad and Tobago; thus fortifying our position as the tourism destination of choice.

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