Beach and Site Facility Upgrades

The rehabilitation and upgrade of beach facilities serve as part of the nation’s drive to diversify its economy by the inclusion of our natural resources. These facilities will provide services including, but not limited to, guarded parking facilities, washroom facilities and food and beverage kiosks.

Upgrades have been ongoing at Maracas, Las Cuevas, Vessigny and the La Brea Visitor Facility as the Ministry of Tourism seeks to improve the overall tourism product. These improvements are part of the thrust to enhancing the visitor experience.

The Maracas Beach Improvement Project for example involves the construction of a wooden boardwalk and decks, a combined office and commercial space, recreational facilities, completion of a Washroom Facility, extension of parking facilities, drainage works and landscaping.

With regard to the La Brea Pitch Lake Facility Upgrade, the main focus is to safeguard the health and safety of the general public and upgrade the existing buildings. Through these objectives, a safe, inclusive recreational environment will be created which in turn provides a much needed boost to the tourism industry and the local economy.

The La Brea Pitch Lake, located in the town of La Brea, is the largest natural deposit of asphalt in the world. The La Brea Pitch Lake fields both domestic and international visitors who take the opportunity to bathe in the sulphur pools and interact with what is known to many as the 8th wonder of the world. The lake is the major supplier of asphalt to the international market.