The Minister &
    Permanent Secretary


Main Departments

The Division is involved in research and data collection to facilitate the planning and policy formulation process. Also, facilitates and executes a number of Public Sector Investment Programme (PSIP) projects, and has a monitoring and control function as it relates to the PSIP. 

Responsibilities of the Research & Planning Unit
  • To undertake economic research that facilitates advice and the effective and efficient monitoring of the industry. 
  • To prepare annual PSIP Budget Estimates for the Ministry 
  • To administer the release of funds from Ministry of Finance for execution of the PSIP under the Ministry
  • To execute PSIP projects which contribute to the strategic development of the tourism sector
  • To monitor the progress of the Ministry’s achievements under the PSIP 
  • To maintain a Statistical Database of visitor arrivals and other crucial tourism statistics 
  • To undertake research to facilitate the preparation of Cabinet Notes, Speeches, Media and other Briefs, Position Papers, and Comments on tourism related issues 
  • To facilitate industry training to stakeholders including hoteliers, culinary practitioners and community groups
  • To work with stakeholders in building awareness of career opportunities in tourism 
  • To assist in Strategic Planning for the Tourism Industry 
  • To work with Local Government Bodies and Community Groups to foster community tourism development 
  • To represent the Ministry at Inter-Ministerial Committees and local, regional and international conferences/workshops

Formulates policy and guidelines for sustainable tourism development via research and collaboration with other Ministries/agencies, industry stakeholders and international developmental organisations. 

Responsibilities of the Tourism Advisory Unit
  • To spearhead the formulation of policies, sub-policies and guidelines that advance the country’s tourism sector
  • To collaborate with other Ministries, particularly the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of trade and Industry in crafting policy positions relating to bilateral and multilateral international negotiations and agreements that impacts the tourism sector
  • To collaborate with other Ministries, industry stakeholders NGOs and other agencies with the aim of encouraging, supporting, strengthening and promoting linkages among all sectors of the economy in keeping with sustainable tourism development
  • To collaborate with regional organizations on initiatives impacting the tourism industry in the Caribbean e.g. the Association of Caribbean States (ACS) and the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO)
  • To represent the Ministry on cabinet-appointed and other committees and working groups concerned with tourism issues 
  • To provide technical support of tourism related issues to the Ministry through reports, briefs and other documents
  • To provide secretariat services to the Standing Committee for the Strategic and Sustainable Development of Tourism in Trinidad 

Crafts advertising and publicity campaigns to promote the work of the Ministry and to foster a better understanding of tourism within the local population, and builds both internal communications and relationships with other local tourism stakeholders.

Responsibilities of the Communications Unit
  • Improving the awareness, understanding, support and visibility of the local tourism industry
  • Promoting and popularising Trinidad and Tobago as a viable tourism destination both locally and internationally
  • Supporting the Ministry’s core operations in roll-out of tourism projects
  • Strengthening the collaborative spirit amongst stakeholders, joint public-private partnership and corporate wellness in the Ministry