Ministry Of Tourism


Headed by the Honourable Mr. Randall Mitchell, of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago serves as a catalyst in making Trinidad and Tobago a premier tourist destination.  Through research, monitoring and evaluating trends, and partnering with industry stakeholders the Ministry develops policy and employs strategic intervention which aids in achieving its core objectives—sustainable tourism.

The Ministry’s main objective is to position tourism as a key contributor in the country’s economic sector—contributing significantly to the nation's Gross Domestic Product, through:

  1. Job creation 
  2. Increased revenues
  3. Uniquely differentiated, internationally competitive & fully functional physical infrastructure 
  4. Modern and competitive institutions and supported by the people of Trinidad and Tobago
Our Goals
  • To ensure that the tourism sector is a developmental priority - driven by a strong and effective public/private sector partnership  
  • To develop the local tourism industry to realise its full potential  
  • To transform Trinidad and Tobago into an exciting location for tourism investment
  • To ensure that the country has the supporting infrastructure necessary for substantial growth  
  • To position Port-of-Spain as the meetings and convention capital of the Southern Caribbean and the culture capital of the region  
  • To define and enhance Trinidad and Tobago's brand reputation by upgrading accommodations to the highest of international standards  
  • To position Trinidad and Tobago as providing the warmest welcome and highest level of international quality service in the Caribbean  
  • To market Trinidad and Tobago as a recognised tourism destination in every principal source market  

To fully develop Trinidad and Tobago's tourism industry by the sustainable development and aggressive promotion of an innovative, differentiated, high value, internationally competitive visitor experience, supported by strong recognition, public and private sector partnership and a positive cultural transformation.