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PDFLaunch of CARPHA’s Caribbean Travellers Health App and Caribbean Travellers Health Assurance StampDownload11/6/2020235.01 Kb
PDFMinister's Launch of Destination Website SpeechDownload11/30/2020358.79 Kb
PDFPermanent Secretary Remarks - Capacity Building Sessions for National Security OfficersDownload5/24/2018373.08 Kb
PDFPrime Minister's address to the Nation- Jan 7th 2018Download1/8/2018162.76 Kb
PDFMinister Feat Address - Handover of Package 1 of the Maracas Beach Facility Improvement ProjectDownload12/8/2017691.47 Kb
PDFMinister Feat. Address- Launch of Family Nights Under the LightsDownload11/20/2017278.58 Kb
PDFMinister Feat. Address- Export Potentials of the Services SectorDownload10/20/2017196.37 Kb
PDF Minister's feature address at the Launch of the Cruise SeasonDownload10/16/2017323.45 Kb
PDFMinister Feat. Address- Tourism Youth SymposiumDownload7/6/2017338.42 Kb
PDFLa Quan Pearie's speech at the Tourism Youth SymposiumDownload7/6/2017402.81 Kb
PDFMinister's feature address at the launch of Stay To Get Away 2017Download6/30/2017423.51 Kb
PDFMinister Feat. Address- Launch of GoTrinBago Mobile AppDownload2/7/2017419.10 Kb
PDFLa Quan Pearie at Launch of GoTrinBago Mobile AppDownload4/11/2020168.74 Kb
PDFAir Canada Rouge Inaugural ServiceDownload12/20/2016100.33 Kb
PDFLaunch of the CARPHA Regional Tourism and Health ProgramDownload4/11/2020276.54 Kb
PDFSecond National Workshop On The World Heritage ConventionDownload4/11/2020171.22 Kb
PDFTTHTI's Sport Tourism Master Class, 10-13-16Download4/11/2020212.16 Kb
PDFOfficial Opening of the La Brea Museum and Visitor CenterDownload4/11/2020215.52 Kb
PDFDPS Welcome Address For FCCA Essay CompetitionDownload4/11/202023.20 Kb
PDFLaunch of Waterfalls BookDownload4/11/202073.64 Kb
PDFCustomer Service & Service QualityDownload4/11/202067.19 Kb
PDFFinal Soca On The SeasDownload4/11/202045.58 Kb
PDFFinal Practice Dinner By National Culinary TeamDownload4/11/202070.49 Kb
PDFFinal Practice Dinner By National Culinary TeamDownload4/11/202070.49 Kb
PDFFeature Address Lions ConventionDownload4/11/2020111.34 Kb
PDFLions ConferenceDownload4/11/2020105.22 Kb
PDFDetails Feature Address TTHTIDownload4/11/202095.70 Kb
PDFLaunch of Blue Flag Children's Activity BookDownload4/11/2020141.48 Kb
PDFGraduation Ceremony For Diego Martin SecondaryDownload4/11/202072.65 Kb
PDFFirst Meeting of Tourism Standing CommitteeDownload4/11/202070.63 Kb
PDFFinal CARPHA SpeechDownload4/11/202079.22 Kb
PDFFinal Tourism Baseline Survey SpeechDownload4/11/202091.16 Kb
PDFTobago Cycling ClassicDownload4/11/202050.11 Kb
PDFRevised THRTA Tourism AwardsDownload4/11/202059.53 Kb
PDFMinister Cudjoe THRTA Tourism AwardsDownload4/11/202062.77 Kb
PDFWorld Odyssey Panyard ExperienceDownload4/11/202026.42 Kb
PDFRevised TDC Board PresentationDownload4/11/202056.00 Kb
PDFTDC Board PresentationDownload4/11/202054.93 Kb
PDFEmpowerment of the Tourism Entrepreneur SymposiumDownload4/11/202058.69 Kb