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PDFAssociation of Caribbean States 26th Sustainable Tourism MeetingDownload4/11/2020226.95 Kb
PDFLaunch of Construction Phase of Maracas BeachDownload4/11/2020349.98 Kb
PDFStar Hospitality Assured Certification Achievement CeremonyDownload4/11/2020229.86 Kb
PDFMinister's featured address at the Signing of The T&T and Cuba Tourism Corporation ceremony in Cuba.Download3/13/2015244.40 Kb
PDFOpening Ceremony for the North Eastern Settlement Community CentreDownload3/13/201219.29 Kb
PDFPot Spoon CompetitionDownload2/27/201261.61 Kb
PDFAnnual Food and Beverage Awards CeremonyDownload2/27/201238.93 Kb
PDFKumar Mahabir Book LaunchDownload1/21/2012131.97 Kb
PDFMeeting of Overseas Marketing Representatives PresentationDownload9/21/201156.26 Kb
PDFToco Lighthouse Enhancement Unveiling Download9/21/201121.38 Kb
PDFThird China-Caribbean Economic and Trade Cooperation ForumDownload9/13/201162.27 Kb
PDF2 TDC Board MembersDownload8/17/201137.51 Kb
PDFThe Turtle Village Trust Fifth AnniversaryDownload7/12/201127.58 Kb
PDFBusiness Seminar on India - Trinidad and Tobago: An Outlook for TourismDownload3/23/2011137.40 Kb
PDFPresentation to the San Juan Business AssociationDownload3/21/2011134.35 Kb
PDFHeritage Tourism WorkshopDownload3/11/201199.81 Kb
PDFFeature Address - AGM Tourism Hotels, Restaurants and Tourism AssociationDownload2/9/2011201.14 Kb
PDFAppointment Ceremony of the Heritage Tourism Advisory CouncilDownload11/28/201157.70 Kb
PDFPresentation of Letters of Appointment to the Cabinet Appointed Advisory Committee on Heritage TourismDownload11/28/201137.51 Kb
PDFUnveiling Ceremony of Woodford Square Interpretative SignageDownload10/20/2011106.53 Kb
PDFRe-engineering of the Lifeguard Service SpeechDownload1/24/2011107.35 Kb
PDFCuracao Cruise-Airline Hopping SummitDownload9/1/201167.09 Kb
PDFLaunch of 2nd Annual Angostura Rum Festival 2011Download9/15/201137.51 Kb
PDFOfficial Opening Ceremony Master Class In Cultural TourismDownload2/8/2011147.39 Kb
PDF Swearing in Ceremony - Tourism Development Company BoardDownload11/17/2010131.97 Kb
PDFLaunch of the Tourism Oriented Policing and Protection Services ConferenceDownload10/11/2010107.90 Kb
PDFA Conversation on TourismDownload9/15/201061.29 Kb