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  Archived Documents

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DetailsAssociation of Caribbean States 26th Sustainable Tourism MeetingDownloadMinister Hadeed's Feature Address, Wednesday July 22nd 2015 (Delivered by Permanent Secretary Donna Ferraz)226.9 KB
DetailsLaunch of Construction Phase of Maracas BeachDownloadMinister Hadeed's Feature Address, Thursday July 9th 2015350.0 KB
DetailsStar Hospitality Assured Certification Achievement CeremonyDownloadMinister Hadeed's Feature Address, Thursday April 9th 2015229.9 KB
DetailsStar Hospitality Assured Certification Achievement CeremonyDownloadMinister Hadeed's Feature Address, Thursday April 9th 2015229.9 KB
DetailsMinister's featured address at the Signing of The T&T and Cuba Tourism Corporation ceremony in Cuba.Download2015/3/31244.4 KB
DetailsOpening Ceremony for the North Eastern Settlement Community CentreDownload2012/3/1319.3 KB
DetailsPot Spoon CompetitionDownload2012/2/2761.6 KB
DetailsAnnual Food and Beverage Awards CeremonyDownload2012/2/2738.9 KB
DetailsKumar Mahabir Book LaunchDownload2012/1/21132.0 KB
DetailsMeeting of Overseas Marketing Representatives PresentationDownload2011/9/2156.3 KB
DetailsToco Lighthouse Enhancement UnveilingDownload2011/9/1921.4 KB
DetailsThird China-Caribbean Economic and Trade Cooperation ForumDownload2011/9/1362.3 KB
Details2 TDC Board MembersDownload2011/8/1737.5 KB
DetailsThe Turtle Village Trust Fifth AnniversaryDownload2011/7/1227.6 KB
DetailsBusiness Seminar on India - Trinidad and Tobago: An Outlook for TourismDownload2011/3/23137.4 KB
DetailsPresentation ot the San Juan Business AssociationDownload2011/3/21134.4 KB
DetailsHeritage Tourism WorkshopDownload2011/3/1199.8 KB
DetailsFeature Address - AGM Tourism Hotels, Restaurants and Tourism AssociationDownload2011/2/9201.1 KB
DetailsAppointment Ceremony of the Heritage Tourism Advisory CouncilDownload2011/11/2857.7 KB
DetailsPresentation of Letters of Appointment to the Cabinet Appointed Advisory Committee on Heritage TourismDownload2011/11/2837.5 KB
DetailsUnveiling Ceremony of Woodford Square Interpretative SignageDownload2011/10/20106.5 KB
DetailsRe-engineering of the Lifeguard Service SpeechDownloadJan 24, 2011107.4 KB
DetailsCuracao Cruise-Airline Hopping SummitDownloadSeptember 1st, 201167.1 KB
DetailsLaunch of 2nd Annual Angostura Rum Festival 2011DownloadSeptember 15, 201137.5 KB
DetailsOfficial Opening Ceremony Master Class In Cultural TourismDownloadFebruary 8th, 2011147.4 KB
DetailsSwearing in Ceremony - Tourism Development Company BoardDownload2010/11/17132.0 KB
DetailsLaunch of the Tourism Oriented Policing and Protection Services ConferenceDownload2010/10/11107.9 KB
DetailsA Conversation on TourismDownloadJune 8, 2010120.9 KB
DetailsLaunch of Angostura Rum FestivalDownloadSeptember 15, 201061.3 KB

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